I woke up this morning, 6:24 am.  I looked at my phone and thought “6 more minutes.”   I closed my eyes again. I woke up again at 7:23 am.  “7 more minutes” I said to myself.  Then all of the sudden a guilty feeling started to creep in.  I promised myself to pray every morning […]

Linkedin… the new online dating destination?

Thursday morning, while I was reading up on the news and checking my professional and personal social media, I received a LinkedIn request.  Below is the request message. “Hi ..Nice meeting you here online.. my names are James Mark Am a very simple person with a great sense of humor…caring,loving,honest,sensitive,reliable,sincere,and romantic person ..I don’t smoke […]

The travel bug has a twin!

You packed your bags, made 3 copies of your itinerary: one to give to your sister, one to your friend and one to keep with you on your trip because you needed to be careful traveling as single female.  For years and years you have been doing it all by yourself.  You chose a state/country […]