Hiking the Appalachian Trail: Alone?

Yes, ladies, it is time.  This H1B visa, non immigrant “foreign alien” Asian 115 pounds chick is going to follow the footsteps of other brave women before me to hike the Appalachian trail. Step 1: Establish purpose statement I am doing this because I want to.  Yup, easy enough.  So much of our lives is […]


Father, It’s just you and me here today father, in this skyscraper, in this half-light half-dark corner office.  It’s just you and me: no distraction, no noise.  The door is closed, and I am here with just my laptop, typing my way to you.  I hear the ticking sound of the heater, the footsteps outside the […]

Letter to my father

Father, I am in love.  I love this man, one you know very well actually.  You know more about him than I ever could, though, I have tried.  They say women are attracted to men who are similar to their fathers, and it is so true.  As your daughter, I am attracted to him because of […]

Date 1-Round 3: Shall we date again?

It’s the day before New Year’s eve.  I’m sitting at my desk, looking outside from my office window.  The ground is covered with snow and randomly sparkles when the rare sunlight shines on it.  It is a cold winter day.  Today is December 30th, 2015.  The day after the 2nd unsuccessful proposal plan from my […]

You promised…..

When you try to numb yourself from feeling, you wish you could also numb yourself from thinking.  When the heart is disable, the mind starts working.  When the mind gets to work, thorns begin to grow and wrap themselves around the heart.  Your mind tell you: I build this wall to protect you.  Yet, the […]