Trust in the Lord with all your heart

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight

As a driven woman, raised by a dragon mom and a brokenhearted girl, how am I supposed to trust in the Lord with all my heart dearest Father?  My entire life has been about doing, controlling the situation, controlling my weakness and only showing my strength.  Father, I don’t know how to trust in you completely.  What does it mean?

I woke up this morning with the deepest sadness in my heart.  What have I done? How could I end up like this? How could I make such terrible mistakes that now led to the end of a 2 year relationship?  How can I drive out the man who wanted to marry me completely out of my life?  How? Father, how?

I prayed to you for strength because I felt week. On my knees I put all my burdens at the foot the cross.  But why am I still feeling so defeated, alone and such a failure.  Father you said you sent your son to heal the broken and the sick.  I am sick and broken, have mercy on me. The man I love I hurt him terribly with my words and my constant disapproval.  Have mercy on me. Please heal him Father and give him the grace to forgive me because I can’t live with this guilt.  I am needy and I have no more strength.  Please take this girl and make something out of me Father.

In Jesus name I pray


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