Letter to my father


I am in love.  I love this man, one you know very well actually.  You know more about him than I ever could, though, I have tried.  They say women are attracted to men who are similar to their fathers, and it is so true.  As your daughter, I am attracted to him because of his physical strength, his handsomeness, his intelligent, his thirst for knowledge.   Just like you, he is wonderful in so many ways.  I wish and dream of the day I could be his bride, all wrapped up in his love.  Love, what an amazing feeling.

Yet, this love is so not perfect, not like yours.  His heart is part mine and part of something else, something dark.  Just like me, he is attracted to this world, to the empty promises of your enemy.  Lust, pride, selfishness, sexual lures and the empty ambition of conquering the world and its people fill that darkness.

So father, you are the creator of this world.  You made me in your image, you made him in your image.  I belong to you, and he belongs to you.  My heart is your, and his heart is yours.  Can you change our hearts to mirror yours?  Can our love be perfected in yours?

I await your answer.  I love you Father. Thank you for loving me regardless of my imperfect heart.



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