I woke up this morning, 6:24 am.  I looked at my phone and thought “6 more minutes.”   I closed my eyes again.

I woke up again at 7:23 am.  “7 more minutes” I said to myself.  Then all of the sudden a guilty feeling started to creep in.  I promised myself to pray every morning to God, the one I so wanted to love with all my heart and mind.  Yet, not even God or the love for Him could make me stay up.  “7 more minutes that is, and then I’ll pray.”

Third time I woke up.  8:07 am.  Well, “3 minutes of prayers”, then I have to get ready for work.  So I did.  I sat my sleepy body up, put my hands together and placed them right on my forehead.  Then, flopped.  My head hit the blanket in front of me, and magically my head landed on the pillow on my lap.

In the end, there was no time for prayers this morning.  I turned on “Laura Story” on my spotify playlist.  And my heart started to melt.  Love is such a powerful thing.  Even when I don’t love him, my God has never let me go.  Even when I would rather spend minutes sleeping than talking to him, He was still patiently waiting for me.  Even when I stop talking to him and asking him for his help because I think I can make it on my own, He is always there by my side, just waiting for me.

So, what are prayers?  It is not a check list that I failed to do or a wish list of things I want my heavenly Father to give me.  It is the connection I have with the man who loves the most.  It is missing him when I don’t pray.  It is feeling loved when I do.  To me, prayers are like Father Daughter day out.  I get to spend time with my Father and feel completely safe in His protection and unconditional love.  He gets to hear about my days, my frustration, my fears and my wishes.

Prayers, in that sense, are all I need to face whatever comes my way.  No matter what I do, where I go, my Father is always there for me.


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