How to get over a cheating ex without seeking revenge

27 years old, I have dated different types of men, but all were good men.  We could not make the relationships going because of factors such age age differences, timing, spaces, etc.  Now, I am hit for the first time in my life with a different type of man.  One that I allowed myself to fall completely in love with in 6 months.  One that told me he wanted to marry me and gives his love emotionally and physically to multiple other women.  One that is contacting another ex who is cheating on her husband with him.  Now, I am left with anger, confusion, pain, disappointment and blaming myself for being so stupid and so trusting.

I know I can pass this.  I know there are other good men out there who would not deceit many women all at once.  Yet, I am now more in defeat mode than recovering mode.  How does one move on without seeking vengeance?



2 thoughts on “How to get over a cheating ex without seeking revenge

  1. My ex-wife left me for someone else (and lied about it). It’s a brutal thing to go through. And yeah, wanting to get back at that person has a lot of appeal. We want that other person to acknowledge what they did, to own up to their BS. The problem is, waiting for them to do that keeps us connected to them. Some people stay in abusive relationships waiting for that affirmation.

    All I can say, from my own experience, is that this is one moment in your life, and time alone will make it get further away. What you want, a year or two from now, is to be able to look in the mirror and say, “I’m proud of the way I handled that.” Keep taking the high road. Keep doing the hard things. And take the time to focus on yourself, what appealed to you about this person, and how you can avoid these things in the future. I swear it gets better.

    Best of luck.

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    1. Thank you! You are right, one day I will have to look myself in the mirror and I don’t want to see the person he could have turned me into. Time is such a terrible thing but I know only with time would this help.


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