Linkedin… the new online dating destination?

Thursday morning, while I was reading up on the news and checking my professional and personal social media, I received a LinkedIn request.  Below is the request message.

“Hi ..Nice meeting you here online.. my names are James Mark
Am a very simple person with a great sense of
humor…caring,loving,honest,sensitive,reliable,sincere,and romantic
person ..I don’t smoke but i do drink on special occasions Am very
calm,conservative ,funny..and always want people around me to feel
good and laugh….. …I enjoy reading,movies,music,snooker,beach and
many more ..i search for a good and honest woman who is ready to move
on with life and build a honest and sincere relationship that can lead
to marriage ….i do not care about physique ..I care much about love
and soul mate..if you are interested please do send an email to me
(….@ so that i can send email to you with more
about me and photos of me”
Feelings and judgement began to form in my mind. There are so many questions I have both for James and Linkedin.  Here are the list of questions:
  1. Does Linkedin know that it is now in the business of online match making?
  2. Has any of this finding soul mate through Linkedin ever worked?
  3. What were the feedback/answers James looking for?
  4. How many “victims” has James copied and pasted this message and sent to?
  5. Should I reply?
  6. Is there a camera somewhere? Is this one of the shows from MTV?

Then I decided, why not ask the source and get my answers straight from James himself? Below is my reply back to James.  Fingers crossed to see what he would say back.


Firstly, thank you for the message, though copying and pasting a generic message and mass send it is not a really good way for you to meet anyone, especially your soul mate.  However, I could be wrong!

Secondly, I believe Linkedin is used for professional purpose only.  Would you please walk me through your thought process when you decided to write me this letter?  I am curious and would love to know.

Thirdly, I hope you find the one you are looking for.  Unfortunately, it is not me mainly because I don’t wish to be one of the hundred soul mates out there that you sent this message to.  If my assumption is incorrect, please forgive me.

My best,”

Let see what James come back with.


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