The travel bug has a twin!

You packed your bags, made 3 copies of your itinerary: one to give to your sister, one to your friend and one to keep with you on your trip because you needed to be careful traveling as single female.  For years and years you have been doing it all by yourself.  You chose a state/country or a state/country chose you, and ready, set, go!  The danger of being alone as a girl, the threat of food poisoning from foreign delicacy, the mosquitoes, the bugs, etc. excited you.  The thought of conquering the world on your own created an enormous inflation for your pride and self confidence.

Then, you found out that the fearless travel bug which has been feeding on your blood and soul had a twin.  He was also fearless, outrageously adventurous and bilingual.  He asked you to join him in his next world travel tour to the Mayan ruins and fishing in the beautiful Caribbean sea, and you said …. no.  All of the sudden, insecurities started to creep in.  Your travel bug started to shrink and crawled back under your skin in the child pose position to protect itself.  You began to ask yourself ridiculously nonsense questions: “what if, this bug twin is more fierce?  What if what I have been doing up to now is too… mainstream?  What if my spontaneity is actually too planned for him?”

Though for years you have been searching for your twin bug, you never thought you would really find one… so soon, so sudden.  Be careful what you wish for little buggy.



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