25 Day Challenge: Day 25

My flight is delayed for 1 hr. It also doesn’t help much that I started watching “revenge”- a super depressing tv show about lies and betrayals. I decided to not drown myself with the usual 2 glasses of scotch (neat) before I board just so I can pass out on the plane. Why such silly fear? When have I acquainted myself with this companion?

I went to work early this morning. I made sure I was well rested by going to bed at 10 pm last night. I made it to the airport 3 hours early because I thought I should just face my fear as soon as possible.

People are scared of many things. Some fears are logical, and some seem to be outrageously silly. Yet, you can’t compare pain nor fear. I am not afraid of falling in love or jumping off of planes or traveling alone as a girl to foreign countries. I am, however, terrified of ghosts, flying, feather and butterflies. I actually met someone who was also scared of butterflies. I never told him we shared the same issue, partly because I did not really believe him when he first told me. Then it was too late to come clean for another fear that occurred.

We live and we plan our lives according to our desires and our limited knowledge to control the unknown. As a result, we become either ignorantly overconfident or ridiculously petrified. The ones who find peace in the middle ground are those who stop lying to themselves about their powerlessness over their emotion and the world. We fear love because the heart want what it wants when it wants it. 99% of the time, we have no say in it. After all, can we ever choose how and with whom we fall in love? Why try to tame something that was designed to be wild and unruly?

Day 25. It’s the end of this challenge. Today I am planning to eat as healthy as I possibly could while being up thousands of miles from the center of the earth. Tomorrow I’ll be in the exotic land of India….. wish me luck and more pictures to come!


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