25 Day Challenge: Day 24

1 more day left until the end of this challenge.  1 more day left until I board that United flight to New Delhi. I woke up this morning with the most uneasy feeling.  What if something goes wrong… what if…. We live with “what ifs” all our lives, and we worry.  Yet, it is also the most useless feeling.  Why should you worry about the unknown for worrying does not bring any fruit but only negativity.  Yet, we still do…. or at least I still do…

So I put my hands together and prayed.  I prayed for peace in my heart and for a safe journey.  Every time, regardless of where I travel, I fear something unknown, uncontrollable.  For an logically inspired person, my fear is the most unsound feeling.

The sun was not out this morning when I left the house.  I drove my car to work and turned up the news to maximum.  IS news was on with more airstrikes and more news about the Palestinians struggle.  I wonder what our world would be like if we have a week of no war and only peace.

Lunch:  I met up with a friend to discuss a startup company that we are both helping with.  There was a new pizza place that opened up in Edina.  They make littlle personal pizza with thin crust.  I like the idea, but the pizza dough was too thin and chewy for a thin crust and the cheese was not cooked completely.

Dinner: going to my sister for a family dinner before I set out on my trip tomorrow.

I went to wholefoods and bought myself a bottle of homeopathic sleeping pill, a box of anxiety relief chewing gum.  I know I will try to snack on the plane since I will not have much to do, I bought myself a bag veggie straw ($1.99).  Since the plane will be as dry as it could be, I knew I would crave soup.  I added 3 cups of gluten free noodle soup to my list of food on the plane.  Some apples to mix in with all those carbs and I was set to go!

noodles veggie


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