25 Day Challenge: Day 23

Tuesday! I had a Skype interview today with a Startup company that I would love to join.  The questions were math and statistical questions that required me had to calculate manually.  It had been forever since I calculated anything complicated in my head….what are the points of computers and phones and software then?  I did answer all the questions correctly, but I took much longer than I wanted.  Hopefully I did not bomb my interview to badly.

Lunch: I wanted to save my stomach for dinner tonight.  My brother in law was planning to make grilled citrus salmon and mushroom risotto.  Yum!  Thus, I opted for steamed cabbage and soy sauce.  Healthy and filling!


desert5 desert6

I went to pick up my roommate from work after dinner with my family.  I was lucky enough to be there when she was creating a new desert for the Fall season.  In this desert, there were quick fried little cubes of squash, lemon, candied quinoa and so much more I could not even remember.  I love living with a chef!

desert4 desert2

After the new desert tasting, we decided to opt for a quiet and relaxing night so we stopped in at Alma, the little restaurant near the University of Minnesota campus.  I started with a cup of herbal tea, and was then treated to the delicious “Crispy mung bean pancake” dish consisted of (squid, clams & scallion-sesame sauce).  I loved the clam, it was done just right with the perfect combination of sauce!  We also tried the the “Passion Fruit Pudding Cake” with blueberry merengue, strawberry, blueberry-lime sorbet.  The desert was good but was a bit too sweet for my taste.  Overall, I would highly recommend this restaurant.  http://www.restaurantalma.com/menu.aspx

desert3 desert1


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