25 Day Challenge: Day 20-21

The weekend was filled with running around, getting last minute things for my upcoming trip to India and Vietnam.  My Dell computer decided to shut down right after the guaranteed period (1 year).  Apparently, the motherboard failed.  My question is, did Dell purposely design it that way so they would not have to pay for their terrible design of such computers?

I took a 3 miles walk on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and reflected on my life and what I wanted.  People kept telling me to enjoy the 20s and to make all the mistakes I could because it would be much harder in the 30s something.  However, what kind of mistakes were they talking about?

In the midst of shopping and prepping for my trip, the whole weekend was fueled by omelets, steamed broccoli and chicken-vegetable dumplings.  I am and will forever be obsessed with dumplings.

When I decided to embark on this 25 day challenge, I took for granted the notion of emotional balance and peace.  When life happens, keeping something constant is the most challenging task.  When my hormones started to kick in, I forgot how much I actually could eat and how much I craved chocolate.  When a song reminded me of the person I have been trying to forget, I stopped cooking and started snacking.  Now I know why it is so hard for people to be on a diet.  It is not just about eating the right food and exercising regularly.  It is about controlling your emotion and prioritize your needs and wants.  Hats off to those who can keep a strict diet for a long time, I wonder how much self control it takes and how they begin to train themselves.

Needless to say, I failed this challenge.  21 days and only 3 pounds lost.  However, I know now how emotionally unbalance I can get, and how my emotion can impact my life.  Writing down my day to day events and having someone to keep track of my record helped paint a clear picture for me.  I would advise doing this for anyone who have been going through the same problems over and over again, and no matter how many times your friends or family tell you that you are making the same mistakes, you just don’t see it.

Blog it out and tell your friends and family to read your blog.  Once you start, you will see the patterns that have been so obvious to everyone else but you.


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