25 Day Challenge: Day 19

Its Friday!!!!!!!!!!  TGIF

I took a walk after dinner last night, and it felt so good.  This morning, I wanted to start my day healthy again so I filled my bowl up with raw oatmeal, feta cheese and 2% lactose free milk.  I filled my big mug with 16 oz of hot water.  Since it is Friday, I gave myself a little treat: a piece of the Mexican pound cake I bought from the store a couple days ago.


I skipped lunch, not intentionally at all.  Work has been insane especially when I am about to leave on my big trips for 3 week next week.  I was starving by 5 pm.   One thing I always try to avoid is skipping meals.  You need food to create energy and to burn fat.  By skipping your meals, you sent a signal to your brain that you are energy deprived, so instead of burning the stored fat, your body decided to store more fat in case of hunger threat.  (http://www.healthwellnessdigest.com/why-you-shouldnt-skip-meals/)

The first thing I did when i get home: eat.  I made myself a quick scrambled egg with steamed broccoli to add more greens to my diet.

I’m meeting up with a friend tonight at Borough.  I must say, their fries always taste so perfect and delicious, so …. keeping my fingers crossed so I would not be tempted for an order of fries.


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