25 Day Challenge: Day 17 -18

When I was young, I thought my problems were unsolvable.  When I left my home country to the States, I thought it was the most difficult challenge I had to face.  When my diary was read to the entire school by my roommate from Korea, I hated all Koreans and I thought there could be no way out.  When I struggled to pay for my hospital bill for my first surgery alone in this strange country, I was sure that was the worst pain I had to go through.

We face challenges with every steps we take, and every time we overcome one mountain, we see another mountain.  Without hope or faith, we have nothing.  I was not strong, I was not wise, I was not extremely intelligent; yet I survived and continue to progress.  It was my faith and hope in the God who loves me and has my life in His mighty hands that helps me through my 12 years alone in the United States.


The last 2 days reminded me of how fragile I was, and how much I needed faith and hope.  I had to learn to deal with a coworker whose mission is to sabotage all my projects.  I had to learn to accept job application rejections due to my requirement of visa sponsorships.  I had to learn to accept the fact that my dating life might not happen with the one I want.  The only thing that keeps me sane was my faith and hope.

So, what did I do?  I went out to lunch with friends and eat my favorite spinach pie.  I had all types of sashimi with my sister for her birthday (I used to have the rolls, but cutting out rice really helps loose the weight and helps with feeling so full so quickly).  I celebrated my best friend birthday on the phone.  I grilled a whole chicken just for myself to eat.  I literally ate everything I want and be with the people I love most.

salmon spinach

So… taking a break from the 25 day challenge for 2 days.  I will be back on track again tomorrow!!!!


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