25 Day Challenge: Day 13

I know I am blessed and spoiled when I receive so many good things in the worst possible situation.  My parked car was crashed into by an uninsured teenager who decided to take no responsibility for the damage she caused.  While I was stressed out about the $1000 deductible that I know am responsible for and the lack of having a loaner car coverage on my current insurance, all I could do was pray.  And God, again, has been faithful.

My car is now at the shop, and I was given an amazing loaner car for the weekend.  A Mercedes AMG V8 convertible.  This thing is a beast, she can accelerate from 0-70 in 2.5 seconds, trust me, I tested her out this weekend.  The playlist for this car: Sinatra….


To take advantage of a luxury weekend, I woke up early Saturday.  After my 7 minute butt workout, again, I love this app, you have got to download it and try it out.  I stretched for another 5 minutes and just listen to the birds and the wind flowing sweeping the falling leaves on the ground.  Life sounded so peaceful!

I had breakfast with my roommate.  Breakfast consisted of sauteed mushroom, squash and tomato.  We each had another bowl of cream of wheat with butter and maple syrup.  Butter is actually not that terrible for you in moderation and due to many reasons such as fat-soluble vitamins, healthy saturated fat, and a good source of the fatty acid butyrate (http://authoritynutrition.com/7-reasons-why-butter-is-good-for-you/)

I had coffee with a male friend of mine to get his perspective on dating and relationship.  Sometimes, actually, most of the times, it is always best to hear stories from both sides: the males and females sides.

I came home, quickly fried 8 dumplings and sliced a tomato to add more color and vitamins for my meal.  Then, I took a walk with a female friend of mine who was struggling with relationships and is now happily married.  What she told me was not new, but it definitely hit hard.  It was the story of Eve.  In the garden, Eve could have had everything, except for one thing: the tree of knowledge.  Instead of focusing on everything that God has given for Eve, she only focuses on the 1 thing she couldn’t have.  We don’t know why God forbid the fruit, but it doesn’t matter.  What matter is that we are spoiled and over entitled.  I have been angry at God for the one thing I couldn’t have while He has given me so much more.  So, next step: focus on what I have and what I could have vs. what I can’t.


Saturday night:  I went out to downtown Minneapolis in hope of a good EDM scene, no luck there. I did still manage to dance a lot, at least, I’m burning calories!  Here is a list of some of my favs:



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