25 Day Challenge: Day 15

It’s Monday, and I have good news: 1 more pound down and I have not suffered at all with this diet/exercise challenge.  For the last 10 days, what I learn to keep the weight away is:

  • Cut down sugar (alcohol is the worst)
  • Eat before 9 pm to give your stomach more time to digest while you are still active.  It would be best to eat before 8 pm, but I have to be realistic, we are young and still in our 20s, we will have to socialize later at night.
  • Working out in the morning really help kick start your day even if it is just walking around, walking up 16 flights of stairs or doing a 7 minute work out.
  • Drink lots of water.  I had doubled up on my water intake, and I can confidently say that I stopped eating junk food, stopped overeating and I feel so much more … detox.
  • Anticipate your cravings.   I know that I crave sweet after dinners, so I always pack dried fruit or a bar of 80% dark chocolate with me.

Morning breakfast:  2 slices of left over pizza from Saturday night.  I was still hungry, so I had some more cooked brown rice with beans and kale.

Lunch: my sister’s pork curry (pork, sweet potato, chayote cooked in curry powder, lemongrass and coconut milk) with wild rice.  Here’s a recipe with chicken instead (http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/vietnamese-chicken-curry)


I took a 10 minutes walk from my office to Dairy Queen where the guys from my office wanted to eat for lunch.  In order to resist the temptation of having a cone for desert, I packed a KIND granola bar in my pocket, and it worked.  In the midst of everyone eating ice cream, I was so tempted to get one.  Then I reached into my pocket, and I found my granola bar.  I saved the day!!!!!

Dinner: My roommate and I are crashing at her parents’ house tonight.  I can’t wait for a family meal!!!!!  Possibly will add in a walk before dinner.  Dinner of the night: brown rice stir fry with onion, pork and green peppers.   A side salad with arugula.

Oh, and I have to return my loaner car today….It was so nice while it lasted!


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