25 Day Challenge: Day 14

Sunday morning:  I woke up early to prepare for church.  I was invited to a friend’s church: Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, MN.  I have been searching for a nondenominational church with people who are real and welcoming.

I drove the convertible to church.  Today’s style inspiration: Audrey Hepburn.  So I grabbed my scarf, wrapped it around my neck and wore my oversize sunglasses.  I put on my Gap super slim ankle pants with my 1950 vintage black velvet heels and a cropped red top that my friend brought me from New Zealand. How I love the 50’s style!!!!!!


I went to church and the message was about focusing on something more than just you.  Wait, was God really listening to my prayer last night? I loved the church and the sermon.  I registered myself to one of the women’s events for working women and the common challenges that we face.  Unfortunately, after I carefully checked the date, I couldn’t make it.  Details, such a downfall of mine! However, I will be back to this church for sure.  They also have a 6 pm service with contemporary music!!!!!!!

My roommate and I took a leisure drive around lake of the Isles and stopped in Marche for a snack.  Mimosa sounded perfect, so I ordered a glass of this refreshing drink.  Brunch:  caramelized onion quiche with bacon with a side salad and fruit.  We continued to drive around town and stopped by many little boutique stores in NE Minneapolis and Downtown in search of a good pairs of shoes for my sister.  I ended up buying her a open back shirt for her fall collection.


Dinner:  I went to visit a friend of mine and his pregnant wife.  I made myself a cheese quesadilla with her homemade flour tortillas.  I am a big fan of corn tortillas, but homemade flour tortillas are extremely hard to resist.

It had been a busy day and I was so ready for bed by 10 pm.  Good night!


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