25 Day Challenge: Day 12

Friday! It is finally here.

I woke up this morning with a giant headache.  Note to self: always drink more water when you drink, and never try to walk on a treadmill when you are under the influence!  It sounded like a very good idea when my roommate suggested that I could use the gym to walk it out.  I actually did 7 minutes of working out including walking on the treadmill and planking.  At the end of it, I knew I had to uber it home.  Came home and talked to a friend who just moved to California.  Friends are so wonderful!!!! She knew just what to say to help me sleep and get over my self pitying mode.

Missed breakfast this morning.  I showed up at my early meeting across town, and during the whole meeting, I had to suck in my belly so the sound of my stomach eating itself would not scare anyone.  Immediately after I got to my desk, I chowed down a granola bar.  I am not a granola bar person since I consider them processed food and a waste of money.  One bar could cost you $2.  However, I actually was hooked on this brand KIND with the almond and coconut granola bars because of their mild flavor and less intense looking package image.  Every time I look at a granola bar with the image of someone climbing or something similar, I could imagine myself with huge muscles and tiny neck.  I dont know why.

granola bar

Lunch: lots of tea and left over food (red rice and beans and salmon).  My headache is still going on.  I think I am going to get some emergenC soon to treat my hangover.  “A hangover is caused by a combination of the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism (acetaldehyde), dehydration, and Vitamin A, B (particularly B6) and C depletion caused by the chemical action of alcohol on your system.”  (http://www.rupissed.com/hangovercures.html)  Thus, emergenC is a perfect solution with its concentration of vitamin C and B vitamins.  Also, the children pediasure drink is actually a good hangover cure.

Dinner: dinner meeting with a new friend I made in one of the women networking events in my company.  Then off to my haircut!!!!  My inspiration for my haircut: Ciara… she’s so beautiful!


Dinner was light and with just the right amount.  I had filet fish in spicy szechuan broth for main dish, spicy dumplings for appetizer.

dumplings fish

Guilty pleasure: my roommate and I went out and I ordered a small butter and parm pizza at Burch restaurant uptown Minneapolis … yummmmm.  I only had 2 little slices and 2 full glasses of water… so I felt less guilty about eating pizza late at night.



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