25 day challenge: Day 9

Tuesday… Morning, same detox.  I actually was kind of sick of eggs for morning, so I opted for another delicious option: dumplings.  Then, I had some left over red and yellow peppers from Costco, so I cut them up and added to my chicken (with no MSG) dumplings.  You can buy these at Costco for $10 a giant bag that would last you a whole month.  I put half a cup of water into a pan, sizzled olive oil and put in 6 dumplings.  Put a lid over it, and it is cooked within 3 minutes.  Once the water was all evaporated, I took the lid off, added some more oil and flipped the dumplings so both sides can be crunchy.  I also added soy sauce in the hot sizzling pan so the soy sauce would caramelized.  dumplings

Lunch: too many meetings, so I quickly warmed up broccoli and had that for lunch.  Note to self: never warm up broccoli in the common lunch room at work.  It stunk up the entire place, and everyone hated me that day!

Dinner: red rice cooked in chicken broth served with seared salmon.  I seared the salmon with butter, salt, pepper, chopped capers, garlic and rosemary.  To make the meal for hearty, my roommate sauteed kale, onion, tomato and bean together. 

Drinks to go with the dinner.  Essential oil tea.  1 drop of Lavender to clear out allergy symptoms and 1 drop of peppermint to aid with acid reflux issue in hot water and a spoon of local honey. Here is a link for more recipes for the oil http://thepaleomama.com/2014/03/essential-oils-seasonal-allergies/


food9:00 pm, heard a loud noise.  9:03 pm, received a call from my neighbor.  9:04 pm, ran down to the street with my white socks and pink flip flops to my recently crashed car.  10:00 pm, it started pouring rain.  10:30 pm, still standing in the rain trying to figure out the accident information with the one who crashed my parked car.  11:00 pm, the police came.  Midnight, the police left and it was time to sleep.  No time to process and worry yet…. Let that happen tomorrow.  Thank God that one one is hurt.

Good night


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