25 day challenge: Day 7

1 week and 1 pound down!!!! I stepped on the scale again this morning and reread it at least 3 times.  That is right, 1 pound. This is a very slow process, but I am having fun and still being able to not have to change my life.  I guess, I’d rather take the slow route than fast and not being able to eat.  Life was also made to be enjoyed.

Well, life was still a bit stuffy and achy at this point with this cold/seasonal allergy attack, but it was still beautiful.  I woke up this morning, slowly walked into the kitchen with my thick winter-proof bathrobe while making my purring noise.  I am such a baby when I’m sick.  Thank God for an amazing roommate.  She was up and began to make breakfast for both of us.  Over easy eggs on whole wheat bread, broccoli, tomato and feta cheese.  Yum!  However,  as I was committed to this lemon garlic home remedy, I had to continue to either prove or disprove its claim of being the magical cold fighting solution.  Chopped up 3 garlic cloves, squuezed half a lemon in hot water with a spoon of honey and 2 dashes of cayenne pepper.  I chewed the garlic as quickly as I can and immediately drank all the lemon concoction.  

2 seconds later, my stomach started to reject everything I just injected.  The garlic was so strong I thought I burned my throat and everything the garlic passed through.  I did not want to alarm my roommate so I calmly walked into the bathroom and was ready for the worst.  I hate throwing up, and luckily, I did not have to.  In my head, I had the entire conversation between my intestine and the garlic.  They had a giant fight, both sides wanted to win and nobody wanted to compromise.  The garlic was blaming the intestine for being weak.  On the other hand, the intestine was calling out the garlic’s recent suprise burning attack and its constant need to overpower everything around it.  They stayed mad at each other for a while, and both sides played the quiet game where no one wanted to talk.  Both just sat still in my stomach.  Yet, I could still feel the tension and the burning flame of anger.  But I knew, in every relationship, sometimes, one had to compromise and take the first step, or there could be a divine intervention to bring two parties together because they were meant to be.  So I intervened.  I went back out to the kitchen, made myself a cup of warm water and drank half the cup.  As the water passed down my throat to my stomach, I could feel the tension lessen.  And they made up and everyone lived happily ever after!  I walked out of the bathroom so happy and so confident at my problem solving skill, I even had a smirk on my face.  

My timing is impeccable.  My roommate had just finished making breakfast.  She plated it so beautifully, I did not even want to eat the food, but I was starving.  We also had grapes on the side.  What a healthy start of the day.  

photo 1

We decided what could be better for two sickies to do on a Sunday than to chill at the beach and tan.  So we did.  We sneaked into a rooftop pool in the middle of uptown Minneapolis.  The sun was shining, my nose stopped running, and I was out of my winter bathrobe.  I almost forgot we were still in the late summer.  

photo 3

The sun was my happy pill.  I bathed in joy while taking in my vitamin D and strengthening my bones at the same time.  

I tried to read the rest of my book “half the sky,” and that failed miserably.  However, I made 2 new friends, technically 3 but the 3rd one was a bit on the edge.  One of the new friends I made was a body builder, so I was able to get many eating and exercising advice from her.  She did mention, food and exercising but mostly watching your food is the real weight loss magic.  I agreed with her since I would never be able to work out 5 days a week and enjoyed it.  However, I disagreed on cutting all sugar out of my diet completely.  Sometimes, you just had to live a little.  The other friend I made was from Pakistan.  Interestingly, he was also a salsa dancer, and he stated he was a good dancer.  Now, I had to find out for myself.  We all agreed to go dancing together within the next 2 weeks.  I love making new connections.  Such a small world filled with so many interesting people and so many things to talk about.

I started to get very hungry, so my roommate brought me a plate of dry rubbed chicken wings.  Honestly, they were not the best chicken wings I had ever had, but I was so hungry, I could eat anything.  The weirdest thing about these wings were that they were ginormous.  After doing some research a.k.a. talking to the server there, I learned that the wings were provided by a local farm where the chickens were overgrown but they were free range chickens.  In my head, I started to imagine these chickens running wild in this farm and having body building competitions to see who have the best wings and thighs.  Then chill started to run up my spine.  I am deadly scared of feathers.  The thought of chickens and their feathers gave me the creep. 

photo 2

Time for church!  We left the pool and went to church.  I loved the music at Bethlehem Baptist Church in downtown Minneapolis.  There are many things I still do not agree with this church, but the music is something i completely agree with and love.  

We were both starving after church, so we decided to go for Pho.  The best Pho in Minneapolis has to be Pho 79. Now, this is only the best Pho in Minneapolis.  I know someone who would swear by the pho at Pho Sai Gon in Burnsville.  However, I still love Pho Ca Dao on University in St. Paul much better.  

After Pho, it was time for something hot to drink, so we took a short walk over to Eat Street Social across the street.  By the way, the German restaurant Black Forest Inn on Nicollet had the most romantic outdoor seating in the city with a little pond  and vines covering the entire patio.  I loved listening to the sound of water and felt the cool air flowing over my shoulder, and this patio offered just that.  

Though I did say no alcohol for this 25 days challenge.  I am sick, which was not planned, so I cheated.  I ordered a hot toddy brandy cocktail, and it was perfect.  I was able to get the recipe from the bartender, so guess what is going to be on the drink menu after this 25 day challenge.  

photo 4

After the drinks, we were both exhausted and got a bit hungry again.  We both shared a bowl of Pho, so I did not feel guilty eating a bit more.  Frozen pizza sounded quick and good at the time, so we quickly popped one in the oven and served it with fresh tomato and feta cheese.   We finished the movie “singing in the rain,” and started another one “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn.  How I love this woman.  What a day…. good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite. 

photo 5



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