25 day challenge: Day 6

4:30 am….. I woke up with a sore throat and a sore body.  I dragged myself out of my bed and made a concoction of salt and water to gargle with.  It used to help with the sore throat.  Not this time.  I went back to bed and purred my little sound of pain and discomfort.  I tossed around for another 30 minutes before I could go back to bed.  

8:30 am…. my roommate was up.   I was going in and out of consciousness.  9:00 am, I fought myself to wake up and entertained the idea of a 3 miles walk/run, but my legs could not lift themselves out of the bed.  My nose started to run.  That was the time I knew I needed some serious cold/flu home remedies.  So I asked my good friend Google.  I found the garlic and lemon elixir recipe, and it sounded extreme and legitimate (http://www.healthjunction.com.au/super-food-smoothies-and-food-as-medicine/17-healthy-food/46-lemon-garlic-elixir).  That was what I would try to cure this sudden and annoying flu like symptoms.  But before that, I needed to call my mother.  

Though I have been out of the house, moved half the world away and independent since I was 14, whenever I am sick, I become such a baby.  I wanted my mother, just to see her on google hang out or chat to her was good enough for me.  It bought me back to the times when I was deathly sick with an annual fever and my mother and grandmother were on my bed rubbing lemons on my feet and hands and cooling my head down with cold towels.  Such a time was so long ago and was so wonderful.  

So I called my mother and talked to her for another hour.  10:00 am, I conjured up all my strength and willingness to move and walked to the kitchen.  I didn’t have time and energy to follow the recipe.  So I just cut up half a lemon, 3 last cloves of garlic and dumped a bag of emergenC into a hot glass of water.  I also mixed in the honey and cayenne pepper, I was so desperate, I put everything I believed could help me fight this yucky sickly feeling.  I drank all the mix and chewed the garlic.  I knew garlic was strong but eating them raw was quite an experience.  But there should be no fear, they were just garlic, stinky garlic!  I felt so much better at the moment.  I think the magic was more in my head, but hey, life is what you make of it right? 

Then I went in to change for my walk.  This cold/flu should not stop me from achieving my goal.  In addition, I wanted to try out my new sport bra and yoga pants.  They looked amazing on me!!!! That helped tremendously with easing the muscle ache and runny nose.  

Off I went.  3 more miles added to my new running shoes today.  Pleasantly, there was a Latino festival at the park where I ran.  There were sunlight, children laughing, ice cream truck, corn on the cobs food truck, music, painting and more.  I soaked in the sun as I slowly walked around the park to observe the people enjoying this festival.  What a pleasant surprise.  God is great! 

photo 5photo 4

Came home, turned up the reggaeton music mix on my Spotify and danced.  How l love this music and love dancing to it.  I made myself a smoothie filled with whole milk, coconut powder for fiber, almond powder for protein, strawberry for taste and lots of black grapes for more vitamins.  I was craving something salty, so I went on a limb and added feta cheese to my mix.  It actually added texture and tasted wonderfully.  


Immediately after I drank 2 large cups of the smoothie, I drove myself to St Louis Park to meet up with my 2 dear friends at Little Szechuan restaurant at the West End.  Girls time is always so fun and precious.  We talked about life, love, dogs, our terrible cursing accidents, friends, hormones and so much more.  

Lunch: quick fried cucumber and spicy dumplings, 2 of my most favorite dishes there.  Yet, today, they tasted bland.  Damn this cold.  

I decided that shopping could help lift up my spirit for the day, so I went to the Gap to find something…and I found the most comfortable cardigan for my upcoming long flight to Delhi.  

I drove home and half of the way, I felt the cold hitting me again.  My head started to burn, and a fever came over me.  I made a quick stop to get more garlic and lemon.  Desperate time called for desperate measure.  

I came home and instead of making the drinks I had in my mind when I was grocery shopping, I made a dark hot chocolate instead with half of the left over brownies soaked in it.  It was much needed.  Sometimes, you just had to do what you had to do.


I called my mother.  No answer.  It was time then for a movie or something light to watch.  I quickly landed on the show “revenge” on Netflix.  It received 5 star, I guess this would be the show I would be sucked into for the next few weeks.  Again, I have a terrible addictive personality.  Once I was so stuck on scifi giant alligator movies that I ate all my meals and spent all my nights and weekends watching every alligator movies I could find on Netflix and on Youtube.  The same thing happened with Mad Men, Downtown Abbey, Doctor Who, Harry Porter (book and movie), etc.  

On the stove, I quickly made a cabbage and black mushroom soup because I knew I would be craving some soup later.  

It is going to be a quiet and slow night for me.  Good night and wish me luck for tomorrow.  

11 pm my roommate came home and saved me with more tea, more hot cereal, peach mixed with cottage cheese and yogurt.  My fever went down to a low grade of 99.8F.  We started watching “singing in the rain.”  What a lovely and light movie.  Oh love …. love … love …. for a hopeless romantic who has turned completely skeptical. 

3:19 am, what do you do when you can’t sleep, and you are sick of having someone in your head?  You count sheep? That trick proves to be more frustrating than just trying to fall asleep.  You listen to music?  I can’t even bring myself to listen to my usual jazz playlist any more…. would Frank Sinatra ever imagine that his songs could be so scary?  Listening to his voice would be rubbing salt on a wound, or a deeply hurt pride, trying to heal.  And then this line from a song by Anna Termheim popped into my head at the most inconvenient time :”what have I done to fall so hard for you.”.  So I pray.  I pray that God take him away from my mind if my heart is steering me on a wrong path.  I pray for peace to let go.  


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