25 day challenge: Day 5

I was gifted a miracle food, and it has been in my cupboard all this time! Thank God for reminding me.

Let me tell you about this super food: Methi A.K.A. Fenugreek. According to my friend’s mother who is Indian and backed by many other Indians I know, Methi is known for:

Breast Enlargement
Breast Enlargement

Relief from hot flashes and menstrual cramps (http://www.livestrong.com/article/118880-benefits-fenugreek-women/)

Talked about breasts and milk and everything else that comes with them.  If these seeds can do what they are believed to, we ought to give them a try!!!!!

I suffered a terrible heartburn last night, and I was gently reminded of this super natural medicine I have at home.  I tried soaking a scoop of methi seeds in hot water.  The seeds are very hard to chew, so the best way is to soften them in hot water.  They smelled like Aveda but had an interesting bitter taste.  However, for the sake of relieving my heartburn, I braved up and chewed all the seeds and drank all of the water.  Miraculously, after 30 minutes, I was good as new.  I am now a firm believer.

So now, added to my morning routine of a full cup of EmergenC are these methi seeds.  I soaked the methi seeds in my very warm EmergenC water, and consumed both in one seating.  Follow up to the super drink is the normal breakfast consisted of eggs and some type of vegetable.  This morning was eggs and mushroom.


It was an insanely busy day at work today.  However, I was able to sneak in sometime to write a few thank you notes.  I actually love writing letters and cards.  Old school but very relaxing!  All of my letters now are sealed with golden wax and stamped with my initial on recycled brown papers.  I hope my letters/cards show how much I care for those I write.

Dinner: my dinner planned was canceled, which was actually a good thing for today.  That meant more time with my sister and niece and more time for a reflection walk/run.  I love walking around the lake after work and listen to music or a sermon on Podcast.  During that time, I get to experience the beauty of nature and be reminded of how much I am loved by my God.

Magically we ended up at the rain forest cafe at The Mall of America.  How exciting is it to be sitting in a place covered with humidity and kids and fake thunder sounds and more germs? Actually it was quite exciting… I think I was loving it a bit more than expected.  I love big animals fake or real.  Dinner: broccoli with no cheese (apparently the “vegetable” on the side is automatically served with melted processed cheese unless requested otherwise) and chicken wrap.  My family: cheese and more fried food…. oh the beauty of overpriced greasy food at children’s places.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Came home and walked for 3 miles before I crashed on my comfortable bed at 9;30 pm.  Good night!!!


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