25 days challenge: Day 4

‘Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears?
And what if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near?”

This has got to be my favorite song of Laura Story.  Today, this song is much needed.  It is hard to wake up extremely early in the morning to run for us non-athletes, but it is a little harder when you have someone on your mind.  You spend your nights thinking of all the what ifs and should haves and would haves and did not.  The first thing that popped up in your head when your alarm ring is the thought that they are not here.  That was my night  last night and morning today.  Needless to say, I did not have the push to wake up early and run today.  I slowly dragged my feet out of my warm comforter to the kitchen and make myself an EmergenC mix drink.  That was an attempt to give myself a blast of sudden energy from an overload of vitamin C.  That did not help.  So I talked myself into making a high protein breakfast with 3 eggs cooked with feta cheese and spinach.  To make up for my lack of 2 miles running, I drove myself to work early and walked up the 16 flights of stairs. 
I have a picture of “I am powerful” on my desktop, and it never fails to boost my strength and determination to work harder and be better.  I also bought myself a “the boss” coffee mug as a reminder of always have fun and enjoy work.
Lunch: leftover chicken roulade with quinoa.  I’m getting a bit worried if I am overeating the quinoa.  My addictive personality is terrible.  I would eat something I love until I can’t even stand it for years.  There must be a way to remedy this….
Snack: I did sneak another bite of my roommate’s salted brownie in my purse this morning.  The little tiny round pieces of brownie were just irresistible.  My thought was that I would slowly eat it throughout the day to calm my sweet tooth.  Failure!  I practically inhaled the whole piece and devoured it in minutes. 
Drink of the day: Oolong tea given to me by my crazy aunt a couple years ago.  We call her crazy aunt as a term of endearment and also because of all the nontraditional decisions that she has made for her life.  Growing up, my aunt and I used to be very close since she was the youngest of all of my mother’s cousins.  We used to fight about borrowing and returning clothes, and we used to exchange dating advices and stories!  Back to the tea, for my birthday last year, I was given a ceramic tea glass with a strainer.  How I love my friends for listening so carefully and remembering so many of my nonsense and spontaneous unprocessed thoughts and wants.  My love language is actually Acts of Service.  Actions speak louder than words (http://www.focusonthefamily.com/marriage/communication_and_conflict/learn-to-speak-your-spouses-love-language/understanding-the-five-love-languages.aspx).   By the way, Oolong tea has many health benefits, and personally I think it tastes better and less intense than green tea.  “Health claims for oolong tea’s benefits include reduction of cholesterol levels, preservation of heart health, treatment of digestive disorders, strengthening of the immune system, and formation of strong bones”  (http://altmedicine.about.com/od/completeazindex/a/oolong_tea.htm).
Dinner: Hibachi dinner with a 2nd trimester pregnant lady!  I never really liked the mass amount of food and every time I leave a Hibachi, I would smell like a walking smoked fish.  Yet, this time, it was different.  No oily face residue and no smoking smell.  I tried to stay away from the fried rice.  Luckily, my very pregnant friend was so willing to help out, she inhaled her portion of fried rice in 10 minutes and started working on mine!  Pregnancy never ceased to amaze me…..  Though I tried to stay healthy, I did ordered filet mignon and scallops.  Red meat and its irresistible deliciousness got me every time! 
Our cook was from Indonesia, and he was quite a talkative man.  He asked about my traveling plan and gave me advice on love, dating, travel and the secret to an everlasting youthful face.  I love how people can just open up so easily, life can seem so simple and easy that way.  Bless you dear chef!
 Ended the night with a 3-mile walk.  A very productive day indeed!

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