Travel Time!

In a short amount of days I will be heading to India, Thailand and Vietnam.  Though I love to travel, the thought of sitting on the plane for more than 16 hours is both scary and tiring.  What am I to do for the 16 hours from here to Delhi?  Not to mention my fear of flying!  Every year I make these big trips, and every year, its months worth of prepping mentally, physically and financially.

Here’s my remedy for my fear of flying: alcohol.  I love the Delta hub in most airports with its Ipad food ordering station.  The hub I am flying out of has a mini market before you enter the gates and the little restaurant right next to the market where I always get my noodle soup before I board the plane.  Though, this time, I am flying United.  An hour or so before I need to board, I would order a glass (or up to 3) of Whiskey or Bourbon on the rocks with a bowl of noodle soup so I would not be so dehydrated.  By the time I need to board, I would be all relaxed and….. drunk.  Yes, there is always a designated friend who would receive my drunk calls and texts.  God bless my friends!

delta hub

I travel alone most of the time.  I love it for the freedom that I have, but there are times when I wish of having a companion to rest on head on during the plane ride or to snuggle at night in a foreign village.

Itinerary: Travel to Delhi, meet a friend at the airport, drive to the Taj Mahal, tour the palace and its surrounding area, then drive to Jodhpur.  Stay there for 4 days, fly back to Delhi (wait at the airport for 8 hours), make a connection in Bangkok-Thailand, stay in Bangkok for 10 hours, and head to Ho Chi Minh city.


I have never been to India!  The excitement is coming I am sure, but for now, the visa process and the 8 hours waiting at the Delhi airport to fly out to Bangkok is what I am worried about.  According to the new travel policy in India, citizens from some countries can just apply for the Indian visa on arrival in Delhi.  This is good news!  The visa cost about $60, and there are some things you have to print out in advance such as your return ticket, your proof of efficient funding (?) while you are in India, 2 passport pictures and your passport (of course)


And then there’s Vietnam.  One of the main purposes of traveling to Vietnam is to renew my US visa.  Fortunately, with the new technology, you can now mail in your application to renew your visa to the consulate in Ho Chi Minh city.  Every year, though nothing has changed with my paperwork, I always feel like I could be missing a piece of paper here and there, and I would not be able to receive an approval for the visa to come back to the States.  Oh, the thrill of being a “Nonresident Alien” in the U.S.A.  On the upside, with all the emotions that come with renewing my US visa, my heart rate has been increasing which helps burn fat and calories even in my sleep.  I wonder if there is a research of the correlation between visa application and reduction of obesity in the US foreigner community.

Though I have to apply for visa for almost every country that I visit based on my nationality, I don’t really dread the complications.  I actually love learning how countries work.  Maybe all of this experience could make me an attractive visa consultant one day.  Who knows!

So, that’s a sneak peak of my upcoming trips.  More detail to come!


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