From the truth in news and media to consideration of a butt implant

I have been searching for an unbiased news source, and I had found one.  However, the more popular this news channel gained, the more bias it became.  After finding Al Jazeera a few years ago, I was extremely happy to find a place where the news is raw and objective.  I was proud of myself for knowing some of news before BBC or CCN could post the stories online.  I was confident in recommending this news channel for my friends and family.  However, recently, Al Jazeera is moving away from speaking its view to conforming to the main stream news.  I can tell from the tone of the stories, it is not as free and not as authentic as it used to be.  Though I completely understand the struggle between growing and keeping the sponsors, stock holders and stakeholders happy, it is still quite a disappointment.

Fortunately, lately, I have found another uncut source called “Vice”.  I am drawn to the way the reporters talk.  They talk just like us, normal people.  They get scared, they scream, they sweat, they curse when the situations become out of hand.  I feel more connected with them, and the stories thus seemed to be much more human and authentic.  Obviously, I might be extremely bias regarding my expectation for a “raw” and “objective” news.  BBC has been respected worldwide due to its professionalism and the way they deliver news to the audience.  The sophisticated and carefully chosen words and sentences put the news into a completely different level.  The news at that point becomes much more important and more intense.  Yet, to me, that style makes the news also very foreign and distant.  For example, the missing plane from Malaysia news hit me much harder when my mother told me than when I read it on BBC.  Though we had no connection to the people in Malaysia, the way my mother delivered the news with such shock and terror touched me quickly and deeply.  My concern and fear for the survivors or lack of were real, and it came from within.  However, a day before when I read the news on BBC, I felt bad for the people on the plane, and I prayed for their safety.  Yet, the news felt foreign, it was about a plane carrying foreigners, and it was still missing.  The concern existed, but it was coming from the outside.

Vice documentaries gave me similar feeling to the one I had when my mother delivered the news.  When the reporters screamed in the documentary about the cannibal warlords of Liberia, my eyes were wide opened and my heart’s beat increased.  When they laughed and cursed at the documentary about North Korean labor camp in Russia, I also felt the ridiculousness of the situation.  My dream was filled with people attempting suicide after I watched the suicide forest in Japan, and I am still obsessing over the work of  art the Colombian plastic surgeon performed on the lady’s buttock.  I am now considering the possibility of me getting a butt implant from Colombia for cheaper price with better quality.

I wish there were more news source for our generation.  I wish there were more Vice and Al Jazeera and BBC that speak the same language as we do.


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