Babies-Are they overrated?

“awwwwww” the soft, childish and alarmingly annoying sound people make when they see babies became louder and louder in the hallway. As I was making my way to the kitchen in my office building, I quickly found out the reason of the “aw.” A baby, indeed, was in the building.

One of my requirements for a husband is his family oriented characteristic. The sight of a man playing with a child and caring for the child either touches my heart easily or raises my concern quickly… depending on the man and the child and the environment. I long for a family of my own …with a strong will husband and 3 smart and rebellious children.

Yet, there’s a catch.  Other people’s babies have never really make me feel better about my decision to have children.  They are either extremely loud and obnoscious in public places with no respect to elders or authority, or they are covered with boogers and things that do not belong on their faces and hair. 

I highly respect parents who teach their kids to behave well.  Obviously, I do not know how to raise children since I don’t have any yet, but I know it is possible.  I have seen well behaved children, and they give me so much hope for a better future and a better planet.

However,  I admit that I am completely bias.  I have 2 nieces and close friends with babies, and no matter how dirty they can be (most of the time, they are not), I still adore them.  I love the fact that I get to take care of them and hold them when they are 75% presentable, and when they are not, I can give them back to their parents for cleaning. 

I changed diapers for the first time a few weeks ago.  Though the diaper was placed backward, I felt very accomplished and emotional.  Thank God it was just #1, but I was scared, worried, relieved and confused all at the same time.  I am not a person whose feelings are so easily awaken in 1 event.  I didn’t want the diapers to be too tight, and was scared that I missed something besides the diapers such as the wipes and the powder.  Relief filled me up when my niece started to giggle and kicking her feet after I changed her ,and confusion quickly arose when she peed again right after I just changed her.  What did I do wrong? Should I waited longer?  Could it be that she has overractive bladder?  Is something wrong with my niece?  What should I do if I were her mother?

So… words out for all moms and dads, being an aunt or an uncle is extremely hard.  You have a constant need to prove yourself to a person twice or three times younger than you.  Not to mention, you also have to protect your reputation as a strong individual who is not easily swayed and influenced by anyone, especially a child.  At the same time, you need to maintain and increase your “cool.”

Back to the baby in the office, as I walked toward the kitchen and did not stop to look at the baby or did the “aw” thing, I received one of the most hated look I had seen for a long time.  I was taken back and was a bit offended.  What had I done to deserve such look?  Must I stop and adore every child that passes my way? 

Unless the child is in danger, I strongly believe it is optional for other people to adore a child of a stranger.  Optional, not required.  Yet, I dare anyone to try that and not get the look.  So, to avoid the unfair and undeserved guilt feeling that slowly crept up on me, I went around the building to get to my desk and avoid the whole baby scene.

Babies, they are the future, but I wonder… are they overrated?  Must we “baby” our babies so much that we expect the rest of society to do so?  What is the unspoken expectation of mothers and fathers for others toward their babies?


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